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I’m an illustrator and designer who speaks in metaphors and alliterations, often accidentally. I have worked on a wide range of projects including: book covers, editorial spreads, promotional posters, marketing campaigns, corporate branding and much more. I am a passionate creative with a multi-disciplinary background in illustration, design, fine arts, and psychology (yes, all 4). I received my BA in Psychology and Fine Art from Fort Lewis College in 2010 and my BFA in Illustration from Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design in 2014. In addition to my creative work I am the proud owner of many polyhedral dice, a fan of British satirical humor, cat memes, and the Oxford comma.


I am a meticulous, business-minded professional with just as much enthusiasm for the efficiency as well as the aesthetics of a project. I’m friendly, easy to work with, and am no stranger to strict deadlines. Years of service oriented positions have also equipped me with highly effective interpersonal communication skills; something my clients and colleagues have commended me on. I am always eager to welcome new clients no matter how big or small. If you’d like to discuss a project, please get in touch:


University of Denver, City of Aurora, Tethered by Letters Literary Journal, Market Creative Group, Faction, Inc., AON PLC, The Braun Group, IXL Learning, Kaplan Educational, Rutgers University, Colorado Cannabis Chamber of Commerce, Green Chef, Inc., Good Talk Network.


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